Laif can transform your company’s administration by automating traditionally manual processes and optimizing the human resources involved. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the administrative area translates into automatic billing systems that minimize human errors and speed up transactions. Our AI algorithms analyze cash flows and financial reports in real time, providing accurate forecasts for better financial planning and risk management. 

We also support document management with intelligent archiving and document retrieval systems, simplifying compliance and reducing search times. These solutions not only free staff from repetitive tasks, but also offer strategic insights for more informed decisions, contributing to the growth and competitiveness of the company.


Document Management

Classification, information extraction and document summary


Conversation platform with
internal company documents

Debt Recovery

Prioritization of debtor users and automation of reminder sending

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The advantages of LAIF
for PMI:

Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use


Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use

Fast Delivery

LAIF Project Circle

1 ) Requirement Analysis:

We delve into the problems your company faces and guide you through the introduction of data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions.

2 ) Solution Design:

Together, we design a solution that reflects your vision and needs with a visual and data management design. We then propose a preliminary mockup to validate the project idea.

3 ) Proposal:

We detail the scope of collaboration with a quotation that serves as a roadmap for the journey we will undertake together, outlining both functional aspects and UI/UX details.

4 ) Solution Development:

We develop through progressive releases, creating a prototype and continuously integrating your feedback until the conclusion of testing and final acceptance.

5 ) Adoption:

We guide you through the adoption of the solution with dedicated onboarding and training sessions. We ensure long-term performance through maintenance services and an effective ticketing system.