Marketing / Sales

Laif has accumulated experience in numerous projects in the field of marketing and sales, offering advanced personalization and predictive insights. The use of AI to analyze customer behaviors and preferences optimizes advertising campaigns and commercial actions, aiming to reach the right audience with tailored messages. AI algorithms can anticipate purchasing trends, allowing the offer to be adjusted proactively. 

Our solutions improve the customer experience through chatbots that provide personalized assistance 24/7, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. These AI-based strategies not only increase conversions and the average value of orders, but also open up new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, driving significant revenue growth and strengthening the competitive position of the company.


Forecasting Systems

Estimate of future sales

Document Management

Classification, information extraction and document summary


Conversation platform with
internal company documents


Segmentation of customers and
suppliers according to purchasing behavior

Anomaly Detection

Identification of anomalies in the useof a resource, both physical and software

Business Recommendations

Proposal suggestion systems products / services for up-selling and cross-selling

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The advantages of LAIF
for PMI:

Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use


Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use

Fast Delivery

LAIF Project Circle

1 ) Requirement Analysis:

We delve into the problems your company faces and guide you through the introduction of data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions.

2 ) Solution Design:

Together, we design a solution that reflects your vision and needs with a visual and data management design. We then propose a preliminary mockup to validate the project idea.

3 ) Proposal:

We detail the scope of collaboration with a quotation that serves as a roadmap for the journey we will undertake together, outlining both functional aspects and UI/UX details.

4 ) Solution Development:

We develop through progressive releases, creating a prototype and continuously integrating your feedback until the conclusion of testing and final acceptance.

5 ) Adoption:

We guide you through the adoption of the solution with dedicated onboarding and training sessions. We ensure long-term performance through maintenance services and an effective ticketing system.