Anomaly Detection

Our anomaly detection solution studies the trend of specific phenomena through the analysis of historical data, detecting deviations from values ​​considered “standard” in a given period. It remains constantly monitored, sending alerts as soon as it identifies anomalies of various types, such as sudden variations, anomalous trends or unusual collective behaviors, which could indicate significant changes in behavior or performance .

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Advantages of the solution

Reduction of false positives 

Thanks to learning from historical data and adapting to new information, our solution significantly improves accuracy in detecting true anomalies, decreasing erroneous reports.


Contrary to traditional methods that require intense manual analysis, our solution provides quick alerts, crucial in situations with limited time margins.

Optimization of costs 

By focusing on real and timely alarms, efficient interventions can be planned, obtaining immediate feedback in terms of costs and organization.

Areas of application

This solution has been designed to be versatile and adaptable to various application areas. This makes our technology ideal for implementation and thus having a positive and significant impact in terms of digitalization in the following business units.

Supply chain / logistics


Marketing / Sales



Marketing / Sales

Supply chain / logistics


Who is LAIF?

We are experts in the end-to-end development of AI solutions for businesses. We cater to small and medium-sized businesses open to innovation and wanting to exploit their data with digital, modern, and sustainable solutions.

LAIF Project Circle

1 ) Requirement Analysis:

We delve into the problems your company faces and guide you through the introduction of data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions.

2 ) Solution Design:

Together, we design a solution that reflects your vision and needs with a visual and data management design. We then propose a preliminary mockup to validate the project idea.

3 ) Proposal:

We detail the scope of collaboration with a quotation that serves as a roadmap for the journey we will undertake together, outlining both functional aspects and UI/UX details.

4 ) Solution Development:

We develop through progressive releases, creating a prototype and continuously integrating your feedback until the conclusion of testing and final acceptance.

5 ) Adoption:

We guide you through the adoption of the solution with dedicated onboarding and training sessions. We ensure long-term performance through maintenance services and an effective ticketing system.

The advantages of LAIF
for PMI:

Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use


Customizable Software 

Ease of
Software Use

Fast Delivery

Access Subsidized
Financing for SMEs

At LAIF, we not only develop advanced and customized technological solutions for small and medium sized enterprises, but we also facilitate access
to subsidized financing through our selected partners.